Reflections on my time in ANZASA, 2004-

By Professor Timothy Minchin. ANZASA president (2015-) I moved to Australia from the UK in 2004, when I took up my position teaching North American history at La Trobe University’s main campus in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.  La Trobe had a rich tradition in American history, and upon arrival I was told a lot about ANZASA by the university’s four recently-retired American historians – … Continue reading Reflections on my time in ANZASA, 2004-

Welcome to ANZASA Online

The idea for this blog came about rather inauspiciously. We were in Dallas for a conference about the American South when, walking around the dimly-lit book hall between sessions, and fuelled by the mixture of exhaustion and euphoria that a good conference engenders, we made plans.  Unlike most of the grand plans concocted then—and since—this idea stuck. As we planned that day in Dallas, we … Continue reading Welcome to ANZASA Online

ANZASA: A Brief Overview

By Professor Peter Bastian  For a long period after the establishment of universities in Australia and New Zealand, separate studies of the United States, in any discipline, were quite rare. However, by the 1960s ties to Britain were starting to weaken and there was a greater interest in the United States. Professor Norman Harper at the University of Melbourne found that a number of young … Continue reading ANZASA: A Brief Overview