How to Start a Podcast

By Dr Liz Covart [This piece was originally published in September 2016.]  Podcasting is a lot of work. Each episode of Ben Franklin’s World represents somewhere between 40 and 60 hours of work. That work includes researching a guest, scheduling an interview, preparing for the interview, conducting the interview, editing the episode, drafting and recording intros and outros, drafting and posting show notes, creating custom graphics, and … Continue reading How to Start a Podcast

Q&A: Working History

Beth English is the host and producer of Working History, the podcast of the Southern Labor Studies Association. She is the director of the Liechtenstein Institute’s Project on Gender in the Global Community. She is a lecturer in the Princeton Writing Program, and is also an instructor with Princeton University’s Prison Teaching Initiative. She received her Ph.D. from the College of William and Mary, where she was a Glucksman … Continue reading Q&A: Working History

How To: Research A History Podcast

By Monica Kristin Blair I am a PhD Candidate at the University of Virginia and the Lead Researcher for BackStory, a popular weekly American history podcast produced at the Virginia Institute for the Humanities. Our goal at BackStory is to provide listeners with the history behind today’s headlines. Historian hosts Ed Ayers, Brian Balogh, Nathan Connolly, and Joanne Freeman interview guest historians every week, and … Continue reading How To: Research A History Podcast

Q&A: Talking Legal History Podcast

Siobhan M. M. Barco is a United States legal historian focusing on women’s interactions with the law and legal thought in the long nineteenth century. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in History at Duke University. Siobhan hosts and produces the Talking Legal History podcast. You can follow her and get updates about the podcast on Twitter @SiobhanBarco. Q: Tell us a little about your … Continue reading Q&A: Talking Legal History Podcast

Q&A: Ben Franklin’s World

Liz Covart is the creator and host of Ben Franklin’s World: A Podcast About Early American History, winner of the Best History Podcast Award in 2017. As the Digital Projects Editor at the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, Liz practices a blend of scholarly history, public history, and digital humanities. While the OI’s primary focus is supporting scholars and scholarship related to … Continue reading Q&A: Ben Franklin’s World

The Birth of the New Books Network

By Dr Marshall Poe As I’m sure all readers of this forum know, podcasting is now a “thing.” Pretty much everyone knows what a podcast is. Millions of people listen to podcasts. Money—from legacy media companies and venture capital firms—is pouring in. It seems that everyone has a podcast or wants to have one. I was talking to an ad sales guy the other day … Continue reading The Birth of the New Books Network

Q&A: Past Present Podcast

Hollie Pich interviewed Assistant Professors Nicole Hemmer, Natalia Mehlman-Petrzela, and Neil J. Young (PhD) at the New School in New York City on Thursday October 11, 2018. This interview has been condensed and edited for publication. Hollie Pich: I wanted to start off by talking about where the idea for the podcast came from. Was it collaborative project, did it come from one person—what’s your … Continue reading Q&A: Past Present Podcast

Q&A: The Age of Jackson Podcast

Daniel N. Gullotta is a historian of Christianity, particularly interested in the history of North American Christianity and Biblical interpretation. He is currently a Ph.D. student in Religious Studies at Stanford University, specializing in American Religious History. His scholarship, for the most part, is focused on 18th and 19th century American Christianity. You can follow him on twitter at @DanielGullotta and The Age of Jackson Podcast at @AgeofJacksonPod  Tell us a little … Continue reading Q&A: The Age of Jackson Podcast